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Solve Aggression Safely

Do you know the one reason for over 95% of all dog bites? Do you know how to avoid it? Read on...

As a dog training expert, one of the most common problems I am asked to deal with is aggression. A dog can be aggressive in the home or while out with their owner, focusing their attention on other dogs, people, cars, bicycles (the list goes on).

Aggression is never pleasant and injuries are common. Whether your dog is the perpetrator or the victim of dog aggression, people can get hurt too when intervening. Knowing what to do to have a socially acceptable dog (and how to protect your own if confronted by somebody else's aggressive dog) is an incredibly useful ability.

So often, the solution lies with how we act and interact with dogs that can create the problem. In this 6-part online course, you will learn exactly why dogs can become aggressive, and - most importantly - how to help a reactive dog to calm down when put in situations that can sometimes become dangerous.

Here's what you will learn:

  • The #1 cause of dog bites (and how to avoid them)
  • Why dogs can be so reactive (and avoid putting them under unnecessary pressure)
  • How to have a calm dog when outdoors
  • How to create a calm environment at home (including when visitors arrive)
  • How to stop nuisance barking
  • The safe way to introduce your dog to other dogs
  • How to avoid problems if you meet an aggressive dog
  • The 3-second technique to help dogs become friends instead of enemies
  • How to avoid injury to yourself (and minimise harm to your dog) during a dog fight.

Upon purchasing the course, you will receive a .pdf document with links to the 6 video modules where I explain the various reasons for (and solutions to) the most common aggression problems. Each module lasts approx. 15 minutes and you can watch them as many times as you like. There are also practice videos so you can start to solve your aggression problems right away.