Do You Know the One Thing to Make Dog Training Fun and Effective?

You are 30 minutes away from discovering the secret language of your best friend...

If you have always dreamed of having the best possible relationship with your dog as well as being able to change any problems in a calm and effective way then I can help you achieve your goal. I make learning fun for both you and your dog and the technique is so simple that even young children can understand it.

I am an internationally renowned dog trainer with over 20 years' experience. I have conducted training all over the world for countless dogs, dog owners and trainers. Everyone from rescue organizations, veterinarians, police forces, Search and Rescue teams etc have all called on me when they need an understanding of how dogs communicate.

I am also an experienced TV & Radio Personality/Author/Public Speaker, both in English and French.


If your dog has any of these problems – separation anxiety, aggression, non-stop barking, pulling on the leash, no recall, chewing, toileting, fussy eating, nipping/biting, car chaos, fear of noises, jumping on people (the list goes on) – then you have come to the right place.

With my help, you will learn:

  • Why dogs behave badly
  • How your dog thinks and tries to communicate with you
  • How to solve all kinds of problems calmly and simply
  • How to have the relationship with your dog that you have always wanted


I am thrilled to announce that you can now learn all about how your dog really thinks with the new audio guide to my "Think Like a Dog" eBook and films. In less than 30 minutes you really can discover the secret language of you best friend or - if you already have one of my eBooks - be able to deepen your understanding while driving, exercising or simply relaxing at home.

Different people learn in different ways - some learn best by reading, while others need to watch. Finally, I have made something available for those who need to hear in order to learn. The audio book is also perfect for dog owners who are visually impaired. I have previously worked with Guide dogs and the trainers and handlers have noticed a dramatic improvement.

You can click on the link at the bottom of this page or click right here: https://tonyknightdoglistener....

Best wishes, Tony