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The ABC of Dog Training

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If you're reading this, it means I know 3 things about you already:

  1. You are online (and the connection works!)
  2. You are a fellow dog lover
  3. You want the best possible relationship with your 4-legged friend.

However, before you go any further, I have to let you know that this eBook isn’t for everyone…

It’s not for those people who think that training dogs means using force, drugs or gadgets that cause pain (I have seen some horrific practices by other people in the name of “training”). Neither is this eBook for anyone who expects someone else to sort their dog out while they themselves make no effort to understand their dog.

This eBook is for people like you and I; dog owners who love their dogs and want the best possible relationship based on respect, understanding and kindness, all without spending countless hours working with your dog, maybe even being bullied into dubious training methods (with little or no results).

It’s for people who aren’t afraid to take responsibility for their dog and who are prepared to put a little effort into helping them (the greatest thing about what I teach is that once you learn the process, you’ll realise that you don’t have to work nearly as hard as others who are struggling, putting hours into traditional “training”; it’s all about working smarter, not harder).

It’s for people who are willing to learn about what makes their dog tick and how to use that knowledge to create the relationship with their dog that they always dreamed about.

If that is you (and I am sure that is the case), then read on (or you can get started right NOW).

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Let’s face it; dogs are amazing. They are capable of changing our lives for the better. They can help the blind to step out into the big, wide world; give people who are wheelchair bound have an independent life, alert someone who has epilepsy or diabetes if they are in trouble well before the symptoms start. They protect us, alert us of danger, comfort us… the list goes on.

The best you can get from a cat is a rub on your leg when they want food ;)

Dogs have been a part of our lives for tens of thousands of years; a faithful friend, giving unconditional love and doing the best they can to be as helpful as possible.

However, this desire to be as useful as possible can lead to some dogs taking on too much responsibility, which can lead to all kinds of problem behaviour. Dogs can be nervous, anxious and even aggressive. Others will pull like a train on the leash (and go crazy when they see a dog/person/car/bike etc.) Recall can be non-existent. Some dogs will drive their family mad with their non-stop barking. Others will be fussy eaters or guard their food aggressively. Visitors don’t come over anymore because of the reaction of the family pooch. The list goes on…

The Dog Listening method is based on the fact that in order to have a calmer, happier dog, it is up to us to show our dogs that we are the ones that look after them in a way that they actually understand. Understanding another language can make life a lot easier if you want to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language. I should know – I live in France, so being able to speak French is a very good idea! You can start to learn your best friend's secret language TODAY.

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Have you ever been told to do something with your dog but been given no reason why you should? I don’t know about you, but this kind of blind faith insults our intelligence. No doubt you are the same as me; I need a good reason to do something. Each section of my eBook sets out to explain why the advice is there. After all, in my previous line of work, we needed to know how things worked in order to be able to duplicate it.


Have you ever read an article or book by an “expert” that uses long winded, scientific expressions that only really serve to inflate the ego of the writer? I know I have only too often. This is why my eBook is set out to be so simple that children can follow it.

Maybe you have had a dog trainer out in the past that has left you with hundreds of pages of gobbledegook that you either can’t follow, lose pages or even gets eaten by the dog! Check out the Action Plan at the end of the eBook that you can print off and stick to your fridge, wall or door to have a simple reminder of how you can show your dog that you are the one to trust. You get one page instead of hundreds to compliment the rest of the eBook, and if you know that one page is all you need then you know you can do it!

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I have helped so many people in the past that have been advised to use physical force, throw things at, attach painful gadgets (which they usually have to buy from the trainer!) and generally abuse their dogs in the name of dog training. Of course, nobody in their right mind wants to hurt their dog, but sometimes believing the expert means that people do things that do not ultimately work and that they later regret.

If you have ever been convinced by someone to do something to your dog that you felt was wrong, then you are not alone and I understand. When you don’t know any better, desperation can be… well, desperate. The good news is that there is no place for that kind of approach in the eBook. Think about it; if someone puts a gun to your head, you might comply. However, you’ll resent them and maybe one day, you could even fight back. That’s not the way to learn.

This eBook contains nothing that will cause pain to you or your dog. Persuasion is always a better option to violence. Even if you have a dog that is aggressive to you (and that is more common than you think), this eBook contains the tools to calm everything down without even touching your dog!


Isn’t it funny how we can appreciate all animals on this planet for what they are (thanks to all the nature documentaries that travel all over the world, the Natural world is brought to us while we sit on the couch) yet so often the dog’s nature is completely denied. Cats can get away with murder – sometimes literally – because they are seen as cats. We forget that dogs are dogs though. Weird…

This eBook redressed the balance – by understanding how your dog really thinks, you can tap into that nature and use it to solve any behaviour problems you might have in a kind, gentle way. Force and violence are nearly always used by people who don’t have the answers; it’s a kind of frustration. The biggest frustration and heartache come from not knowing why your dog is doing something that is driving you crazy. With this eBook, you’ll understand why some dogs cause problems (which helps reduce stress and frustration right away) AND you’ll learn what to do to solve it calmly and easily.

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Traditional reading material is just that; you read the words and imagine how to apply the techniques. Some books try to be helpful by adding photographs to make it clearer. The trouble with this is that this can be confusing; sometimes the photo isn’t clear or the way you interpret the advice is lost in translation.

This is why I decided to include links to films that you can watch that demonstrate EXACTLY what to do. No confusion, no uncertainty. By clicking on the links in the eBook, you will be taken to a film that shows you how to do it with your dog. You’ll even hear me talking about the process while I am doing it so you can easily follow the advice. This is something that will be of enormous help to you as you learn the techniques to show your dog that you are the one to trust.

When I give a home consultation, as well as the initial price there are travel costs to consider. This can lead to a fair addition to the cost. I once worked in Bangkok, Thailand – the client paid for my flight and hotel as well as the cost of the consultation! This eBook is the equivalent of a home consultation that you can learn in your own time without any of that expense.

Many people like to come to my dog classes too where they can learn and practice with their own dogs in a safe environment. However much I like to travel, I can’t be everywhere at once. This means that attending one of my classes can be difficult (if not impossible). What could be better than learning in the comfort and safety of your own home? You can even watch and hear me demonstrate the techniques thanks to the films you can access via the eBook.

Instead of paying hundreds of pounds/dollars/euros etc. you can access all the knowledge for the cost of an ordinary book (and remember an ordinary book has no films to watch!).

I know that as a fellow dog lover, you’ll love this eBook and use the information to transform your life with not only your own family, but with any other dog you may have or meet in the future!

N.B. Over 95% of dog bites happen because people don’t understand one simple rule that dogs have. The eBook contains that one piece of information that can avoid so many painful and upsetting situations. So often, the victims of dog bites are children, while the vast majority of dogs doing the biting are a family pet. No child need be bitten, nor a dog destroyed as a result, with this information.

The other great thing about this eBook (apart from the price) is that you can get it right now, just by clicking right here. This means you can start learning the secret language of your best friend TODAY. No waiting for the postman, no wandering around the shops hoping that it is in stock; there is nothing to stop you.

I look forward to helping you and your dog have the life that you truly deserve.

Best wishes,


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