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You can learn all about your 4-legged friend (and how to solve all kinds of problems) with one of my eBooks. My eBooks about raising a puppy and taking in a rescue dog have their own section (see top of this page).


This 9-week online course is based on the hugely successful, worldwide Dog Listening Foundation Courses run since 2005. This course includes the latest developments as well as brand new, educational films to help you clearly study the secret language of our 4-legged friends.

The course is composed of 2 weekly sections which will deepen your understanding of how dogs think and - more importantly - how to solve behaviour problems using a system that makes sense to dogs. The course is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn all about canine communication and who finds it difficult to physically get to Dog Listening classes and courses held around the world.

You will receive the first section of the Module 1 upon registration and payment. Tony will email you regularly with the subsequent modules as the weeks progress, culminating in your graduation.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate and the opportunity to further your studies with Tony.


Walking your dog should be a pleasure. However, for countless people and dogs, the experience is far from happy. Extreme pulling, no recall and even aggression and reactivity while out on the walk means that taking the dog for a walk is an ordeal. Others have been victims of attacks by other dogs, resulting in trauma each time they go out into the big, scary world.

No amount of gadgets make the process any easier either; even if a dog can't physically pull, they still bark and growl when they see something that they do not like.

This eBook (complete with instructional films) shows you how to be happy and in control when out and about with your 4-legged friend. There are even bonus sections about how to react to other people and their dogs (who may be aggressive towards you), as well as how to react if your dog sees something they do not like.

No drugs, gadgets, force or negative enforcement are used (or necessary). You can quickly learn how to transform your dog on and off leash and finally start to really enjoy happy (and safer) walks.


The "Think Like A Dog" eBook is a comprehensive guide to understanding and working with your dog for a happier life. It is your one-stop shop for all that is dog behaviour, training and psychology. You can get your copy right here and start to transform your relationship with your dog TODAY!


Living in an apartment with a dog presents its own challenges (and rewards). After many years of working with people living in high rise buildings with their 4-legged friends, I have created an eBook designed especially for this kind of lifestyle. Exercise, toileting and the right breed for apartment living are all explained, together with a comprehensive guide to having a relaxed and happy dog in your apartment. Click Here for your copy of this special eBook if you and your pooch have a smaller living space.


I have also created a series of eBooks that are breed specific. The physiological advice in these is especially useful - dogs have been selectively bred over the centuries, sometimes without thought of the physical consequences. Having knowledge of the potential health problems can help to avoid them. Just click on the breed of your dog!








Think Like a Dog Audiobook

This audio book is perfect if you like to listen to podcasts while driving, exercising or simply relaxing.

In less than 30 minutes, you will learn exactly what your dog thinks about you and - more importantly - how to have the relationship that you have always wanted with your 4-legged friend.

Learn about the 4 areas that are (literally) vital to your dog and how to tap into them to convince them to listen to and trust you.

The advice is easy to follow and practice, using positive ways to encourage the best form of control there is - self control.

Enjoy discovering the secret language of your best friend!