Rescue Dogs

Sharing your life with a dog that has been let down by somebody else in the past can be the most rewarding experience you ever have. Over the years, I have had the privilege to both take on rescued dogs as well as help countless others to be rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed.

I often call these dogs "150%ers" - if they had previously had a less than happy time, they will try extra hard to do whatever they think must be done to stay with a loving family. This can lead to problems, however, if the dog is given too much responsibility. The best way to successfully and calmly integrate and live with a rescued dog in your home is to show them that they can trust you.

My eBook is dedicated to these wonderful creatures, showing you how to have a happy and calm new addition to your family, even if their past has been a little less fortunate before. Know that your rescue dog will do their extra best to be a devoted member of your family; give them the right information and they can be the best dog you ever have!