You can learn all about your 4-legged friend (and how to solve all kinds of problems) with one of my eBooks.

The "Think Like A Dog" eBook is a comprehensive guide to understanding and working with your dog for a happier life. It is your one-stop shop for all that is dog behaviour, training and psychology.

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I have also created a series of eBooks that are breed specific. The physiological adivce in these is especially useful - dogs have been selectively bred over the centuries, sometimes without thought of the physical consequences. Having knowledge of the potential health problems can help to avoid them!

Golden Retrievers


Staffordshire Bull Terriers

German Shepherds



Yorkshire Terriers


Living in an apartment with a dog presents its own challenges (and rewards). After many years of wroking with people living in high rise buildings with their 4-legged friends, I have created an eBook designed especially for this kind of lifestyle. Exercise, toileting and the right breed for apartment living are all explained, together with a comprehensive guide to having a relaxed and happy dog in your apartment. Click Here