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Whether howling in desolation, chewing your best shoes, peeing on the carpet, barking non-stop or destroying the house - a dog suffering from separation anxiety is a source of great distress to everyone concerned.

It‘s actually quite a common problem in dogs and if your dog‘s suffering from it, there is no doubt that you‘re suffering too. And while it‘s often hard to understand why your dog is acting like he does, it‘s also way to easy to make it worse.

Wherever you‘re at right now, follow the methods in this eBook and you can make it a problem of the past.

In this eBook you‘ll discover:

  • What causes separation anxiety in the first place
  • Everyday behaviour which leads to separation anxiety
  • How the problem can be successfully dealt with

Once you can understand the mindset of your dog, you will be able to understand the subtle (or not so subtle) signals they give, and know what to do to solve the problem.

The solution is very simple and kind, although it does potentially come up against a barrier in the human mind. Once we can realize and accept this barrier exists we can push past it and give everyone, both human and canine, the peace they all deserve.