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This 11-week, stand-alone course run by Tony Knight is an updated version of the live Advanced Course developed in the early 2000s. The aim of the Advanced Course is to further expand your understanding of dogs. In addition, you will learn about human psychology – a vital tool for anyone who wishes to work with (or already works with) people.

In order to get the most out this course, you should already have a good knowledge of Amichien Bonding (AB), either from reading the “Think Like a Dog” eBook or ideally by participating in the Online Foundation Course (both available at

Each week comprises of 2 modules; the second module consists of a live, 45-minute (approx.) tutorial with Tony Knight the Dog Listener, during which the first module of the week will be discussed. You can choose to attend the live tutorial at one of the following timeslots:

1000 CET / 2200 CET

Five of the modules consist of actual case studies with problem dogs. The last week will include an informal test to see how much you have understood. This section is very useful to get a good idea of how to put your learning into practice.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate and the necessary knowledge to start helping others with their dogs, including the option to ask questions to Tony on an on-going basis.


Week 1 - Workshop – Realities of dog training/behaviour (what AB is/is not).

Week 2 - Case Study – Benson the St. Bernard.

Week 3 - Workshop – Problem Solving.

Week 4 - Case Study – Def the Rescue Dog.

Week 5 - Workshop – Interacting with Other People’s Dogs.

Week 6 - Case Study – Festa the Chihuahua.

Week 7 - Workshop – Obstacles to Success & Human Psychology.

Week 8 - Case Study – Door Biting Westie.

Week 9 - Workshop – Dos & Don’ts of Consultations.

Week 10 - Case Study – Meg the Biting Cocker.

Week 11 - What Have We Learnt? Revision & Test.