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Stop your Dog Pulling on the Leash

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Does your dog pull on the leash so hard you have shoulder pain?
Have you actually been pulled off your feet and injured by your dog?
Does your dog choke on the leash or get cuts from harnesses because they pull so hard?
Have you tried everything else?

Walking your dog should be a pleasure; however for too many people around the world it is a nightmare. The worst part is that none of your suffering is necessary and you can start changing things today! Maybe you can identify with some of the issues below:

In my simple guide to stopping a dog from pulling on the leash, harness (or any other device you may be using while walking your dog) you will learn:

  • The reason WHY dogs pull
  • The #1 thing you should do the moment your dog starts to pull
  • The biggest way we sabotage having a happy and relaxed dog on the walk
  • How to be happy & in control at every stage

Just click on the films and follow my lead as I take you through how to start enjoying your walks. If you follow the easy steps (and avoid the traps that sabotage getting it right) you will be able to convince your dog to calm down and pay attention to you without using pocketfuls of treats, gadgets that can actually hurt your dog or getting angry and frustrated.

Start taking the pressure off your dog (and yourself) right away. I can help you now!
You will get a PDF (350KB) file
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